Titanfall pc matchmaking takes forever

Well, titanfall 1 wasn't bad at all, but titanfall 2 is actually brilliant: yes, there's the whole origin thing on pc, which provides the but already i'm finding it iffy getting anybody to play against in matchmaking at certain times of the day it really is fun, but the matches take forever, so i only get in one or.

I seem to be waiting a fairly long time to get into an attrition game since the update i'm on pc the search for the game takes a long time, i really do not like what connects me when i'm playing alone, already in the middle of.

The titanfall 2 open beta or multiplayer tech test as it's called was disappointing one of the game's biggest flaws, its slow movement will.

Titanfall pc matchmaking takes forever

Titanfall's 2 skill system is similar to what we had before but now takes into account your overall contribution to the match that means a.

Speaking to lead engineer jon shiring, respawn's mike kalas explains how player feedback has shaped titanfall 2's matchmaking against. Is there a way to speed it up because i'm on pc and it takes me 3 to 5 minnutes.

Titanfall pc matchmaking takes forever
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